Finding good food on Maui that won't break the bank is sometimes hard to do...but not impossible.  I love good food and I love great there is nothing more exciting to me than when I find a place that offers both.  I don't have the funds or desire to eat out every day/ this list might take a while to develop.  Your health is more important than saving a few you wont find Junk/fast food on my cheap eats list.

BEST CHEAP EATS & Happy Hour Specials
Most places that offer a happy hour special 
welcome Keiki as long as you don't sit at the bar itself.

  • Kihei   ~ Maui Brick Oven ~  100% Gluten Free .....and fabulous!  A new restaurant here on Maui...they have become my families go to spot when we want to eat out.  They are Casual, clean and friendly with great prices, reasonable sizes and there is even a "kids menu" with a couple cool choices for the Keiki like Chicken fingers...Fried Mozarella Sticks and mac and cheese.  YUM!  There is not one thing we have tried..that we didn't like...and I highly recommend.  :)

  • Kihei   ~ Five Palms "Happy Hour" 1/2 off pupus ...they have great sushi...and fantastic calamari!  Located on a great beach with an outdoor seating area at the bar...makes for a very enjoyable experience ..whether on a budget or not.  :)
Five Palms Beach Grill at the Mana Kai Resort on Urbanspoon
  • Wailea  ~ Gannon's / The Red Bar "Happy Hour" 1/2 off pupus ... crab cake sliders ...need I say more!  We have tried the sliders, ribs and Italian sausage in marinara and loved them all.  This place is pretty fancy with only a handful of bar tables available and none outside...those are reserved for the big spenders..haha...but its not exactly indoors as there are huge doors that stay open to the outside its pleasant..with an amazing view.
Gannon's on Urbanspoon
  • Paia     ~  Cafe Mambo  :  Great Burger!!!  Like a lot of good restaurants here on Maui, they use local Maui beef...grass fed...yay!  We went for their Happy Hour burger special..A great deal for $10.50 you get a fat cheeseburger with fries...OR a salad (no extra charge) AND...AND...a pint of Beer!!!  Cute place located in the heart of Paia with friendly staff.
Cafe Mambo on Urbanspoon
  • Mana Foods in Paia   ~  Make a point to go here if your visiting and stock your condo/hotel/etc with some amazingly low priced fantastically healthy foods!  I'm talking CHEAP!  Cheaper than any of the chain grocery the few extra miles out of your way is WELL worth it!  They have a fantastic deli and an amazing produce dept.  I can't say enough good things about this store....ITS AMAZING!
Mana Foods on Urbanspoon
  • Costco in Kahului    ~  You'll pass it as you leave the airport.  Great place to stock up on necessities like food, liquor, beach gear and the all important water bottles as mentioned below.  :)
Its important to stay hydrated its a good idea to bring or buy a non-disposable water the 3 pk Costco carries..they are BPA free..easy to wash in the upper rack of a dishwasher..and keeps you from spending money on sugary drinks you don't need and disposable water bottles that are a huge waste.  Its a win/win for all. Just my 2 cents.  :)  

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